Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to overcome anxiety insomnia

How to overcome anxiety insomnia
The specific methods are as follows:
1, In addition to sleep outside, any other time is not on the bed. The bed as a special place to sleep, Don't take part in any activities in bed which are unrelated to sleep , for example, lying in bed reading, watching TV, listening to the radio and ect.
2, If you still can not sleep, after lying in bed for 30 minutes, you must be immediately got up to leave the room, to do some mild things, such as listening to light music, writing diary, see light reading and so on. but don' smoke, eat or do gymnastics, until have drowsiness when it go to bed again. After go to bed, if you still can not fall asleep quickly, get up right away, until another drowsiness back to bed, if has always not drowsiness , that can listen to music, writing diary, see light reading until the morning.
3, In the night time, as long as the middle awake and  cannot sleep quickly, must be according to the above method.
4, Insist on getting up at the same time every morning, no matter how sleep at night
5. No matter how the day can not sleep.
Need to pay attention, can not sleep when you leave the room, please don't take their ultimate idea that would return to your bed.After getting up in the midway of activities, to be gentle, calm, less stimulation, the lights should be darker as far as possible, must not smoke, eat or to do gymnastics.
Stimulus control therapy is a conditioned reflex process, and to establish such a process is very slow, only perseverance can obtain  the curative effect.At the beginning, will sleep very little, but if can keep training it, sleep time will be extended.
In today's society ,pressure of competition is so big. Suffer from anxiety insomnia people is not a few, letting insomnia torture rather than as active attack, with confidence, determination and the scientific method overcome it, a good night's sleep until dawn. The carefree sleep will always with you to grow together with wind and rain !