Sunday, September 16, 2012

What are the major cause of anxiety disorders

One, genetic factors: it plays an important role in the occurrence of anxiety, and the concordance rate between kinship reached 15%, higher than that of normal inhabitants. dizygotic twins with the disease rate of 25%, while the monozygotic twins is 50%.

Some people think that anxiety are susceptible to environmental factors in the quality of interaction by the results of susceptibility determined by genetic quality.  

Second, Premorbid personality traits, inferiority, lack of confidence, timid, cautious, frustration or physical discomfort of minor nervous, anxiety or mood swings 

Three, psychological factors: slight setbacks and dissatisfaction and spiritual factors will become inducing factors.

Four, biological factors: anxiety physiology reaction is based on hyperfunction in sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activity with releasing epinephrine and norepinephrine excessive. The body changes form was determined by featuring of the patients’ balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve function.

There are also some different views about pathogenesis, some scholars emphasized the contact between "emotional center" in amygdala and hypothalamus and the anxiety, the limbic system and new cortex of benzodiazepine receptor discoveries, and puts forward anxiety "central"; the beta adrenergic blocking agent can effectively improve the body symptoms, alleviate anxiety, according to this, some people support anxiety "surround".

Psychoanalysis thinks that anxiety is the consequence of self-threat by progress of the inner conflict. Based on the “theory of learning” scholars believe that anxiety is a habitual behavior, due to conditioned connections between anxiety stimulus and neutral stimulus become generalization forming extensive anxiety. Lader put forward that  genetic quality is the important psychological and physiological basis, once produce strong anxiety reaction, through the strengthening of the environment or self strengthening, which will produce anxiety.

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