Thursday, September 13, 2012

how to get over anxiety

With the accelerated pace of modern life. Many people have the anxiety. Anxiety disturb our normal life. So, how to get over anxiety? Need to be analyzed from the three points.

  A proper understanding of the anxiety. Anxiety is a normal emotional reaction. Pay special attention here; This is a normal emotional reaction. "Anxiety" is not normal. Anyone have anxiety. "

  "Anxiety" sophistication. All anxiety, higher efficiency, to do things more seriously. Psychological research shows that "moderate anxiety can help improve the efficiency of our work.

  Anxiety of the extent of the problem. A people who had anxiety are not something to feel the burn of the point, do not worry. This is not normal; Similarly, a serious anxiety, a little tiny thing, cause he was very anxious, even anxious buns sweat, scared pale. This is not normal.

  So, the anxiety is not get over. But to live in peace and anxiety. Understand this anxiety when you are too anxious, instead of against it. Not let myself not anxiety. Because anxiety is an objective reality, is a human instinct.

  Many anxiety is not very serious, the problem lies; him trying to get their own without any anxiety! Feel a little anxiety, you think this is not normal, so you begin to resolve, while there is no solution when anxiety. In fact, completely wrong! No anxiety is impossible. Anxiety is normal. So, when a person truly accepted anxiety, anxiety problems to solve.

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