Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to overcome anxiety insomnia

How to overcome anxiety insomnia
The specific methods are as follows:
1, In addition to sleep outside, any other time is not on the bed. The bed as a special place to sleep, Don't take part in any activities in bed which are unrelated to sleep , for example, lying in bed reading, watching TV, listening to the radio and ect.
2, If you still can not sleep, after lying in bed for 30 minutes, you must be immediately got up to leave the room, to do some mild things, such as listening to light music, writing diary, see light reading and so on. but don' smoke, eat or do gymnastics, until have drowsiness when it go to bed again. After go to bed, if you still can not fall asleep quickly, get up right away, until another drowsiness back to bed, if has always not drowsiness , that can listen to music, writing diary, see light reading until the morning.
3, In the night time, as long as the middle awake and  cannot sleep quickly, must be according to the above method.
4, Insist on getting up at the same time every morning, no matter how sleep at night
5. No matter how the day can not sleep.
Need to pay attention, can not sleep when you leave the room, please don't take their ultimate idea that would return to your bed.After getting up in the midway of activities, to be gentle, calm, less stimulation, the lights should be darker as far as possible, must not smoke, eat or to do gymnastics.
Stimulus control therapy is a conditioned reflex process, and to establish such a process is very slow, only perseverance can obtain  the curative effect.At the beginning, will sleep very little, but if can keep training it, sleep time will be extended.
In today's society ,pressure of competition is so big. Suffer from anxiety insomnia people is not a few, letting insomnia torture rather than as active attack, with confidence, determination and the scientific method overcome it, a good night's sleep until dawn. The carefree sleep will always with you to grow together with wind and rain !

Monday, September 17, 2012

What cam cause anxiety ?

What are the reasons that cause anxiety disorders?

Cognition or the way of thinking:

Cognition or the way of thinking is playing an extremely important role in the formation of the anxiety disorders. The study found that patients with anxiety disorders tend to treat the ambiguous or even the benign events as harbinger of the crisis. They are more inclined to think that bad things will fall into them, more inclined to believe that the failure awaits them and more inclined to underestimate their own ability to control the negative events than the average people.
Unexpected events:

It is more likely to cause anxiety disorder in the case of stress events. Thyroid hormone and noradrenaline and these tensions -related hormone secretion disorder (excess) amplified the above process.

Biological factors:

Although Somatic diseases or biological dysfunction are not the only reason which causes anxiety disorders, in some rare cases, the patient's anxiety disorders can be caused by physical factors, for example, hyperthyroidism , adrenal tumors. Many researchers have tried to find if the central nervous system, especially some kind of neurotransmitter is the chief culprit which causes the anxiety disorders.

Many studies have focused on the two neurotransmitters: norepinephrine and serotonin. Many studies have found that the levels of norepinephrine and serotonin in patients' brains are dramatic changing when they are in the state of anxiety. But the changes are the reason or result of the anxiety disorders is not confirmed.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to get over anxiety in the work

Anxiety in the work, looking for a friend to talk to, to travel, if you still can not be adjusted, the need to correctly analyze and evaluate their own and need to re-learn is not in the occupational depletion period, or the lack of tolerance did not deal with the leadership, colleagues relationship, or is the pressure is too large, beyond their ability.

Is very necessary for people in career confusion, and strive to cultivate interest in the work, there is no interest in, and will have to consider another line of business. Not participate in the work of college students for a career planning is very important to assess their personality type, career orientation, interest, far short-term planning, clear from the what to do, to be happy working.

Real a personality test, an accurate grasp of their own personality, the "I", to find their strengths and potential, and thus strengthen the inner strength, accurate self-positioning.

Engaged conform to their own nature, suited to their character's career, and to refrain from engaging in frequent need to suppress their own force yourself to do things the heart instinctively resist the work.

Effective psychotherapy, for example: psychoanalytic therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, systematic desensitization therapy and relaxation training or learning useful skills (such as social technology, bluntly technology), thereby comprehend source of inner psychological conflicts, changes, cognitive, and reduce anxiety and tension level, and improve confidence in the face of a variety of contexts.

Self-regulation, for example: to divert attention, develop hobbies, listening to music, fantasy, massage, to ensure adequate sleep, etc. actively self-grooming and self-relax, maintain an optimistic attitude.

What is the work of anxiety disorders

The job effects of anxiety disorders have become a common phenomenon. Life now, we are now working pressure is increasing, and thus induced anxiety disorder. The job anxiety disorders not only affect people's normal life and work, but also harm to people's physical and mental health, and therefore must be brought to our attention.

Although anxiety often can stimulate the human potential, prompting people to summon the strength to cope with the impending crisis. Excessive, long-term state of anxiety, however, will be developed into anxiety disorders. Among them, the the job anxiety disorder is a common one.

The work of the common symptoms of anxiety disorder: patients with performance anxiety, panic and anxiety was the worst thing is about to happen, and often feel restless, insecure, nervous all day, upset, loss of interest in external things. Severe feelings of fear, prone to panic reaction to external stimuli, often accompanied by sleep disturbance, and autonomic instability.

Such as: difficulty falling asleep, nightmares, easily awakened, pale or flushing, profuse sweating, cold extremities, fingers tingling, muscle twitching, dizziness, palpitations, chest pressed or choking sensations, loss of appetite, dry mouth, swollen abdomen and a burning sensation, constipation or diarrhea, frequent urination, irregular menstruation, lack of libido.

What are the major cause of anxiety disorders

One, genetic factors: it plays an important role in the occurrence of anxiety, and the concordance rate between kinship reached 15%, higher than that of normal inhabitants. dizygotic twins with the disease rate of 25%, while the monozygotic twins is 50%.

Some people think that anxiety are susceptible to environmental factors in the quality of interaction by the results of susceptibility determined by genetic quality.  

Second, Premorbid personality traits, inferiority, lack of confidence, timid, cautious, frustration or physical discomfort of minor nervous, anxiety or mood swings 

Three, psychological factors: slight setbacks and dissatisfaction and spiritual factors will become inducing factors.

Four, biological factors: anxiety physiology reaction is based on hyperfunction in sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activity with releasing epinephrine and norepinephrine excessive. The body changes form was determined by featuring of the patients’ balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve function.

There are also some different views about pathogenesis, some scholars emphasized the contact between "emotional center" in amygdala and hypothalamus and the anxiety, the limbic system and new cortex of benzodiazepine receptor discoveries, and puts forward anxiety "central"; the beta adrenergic blocking agent can effectively improve the body symptoms, alleviate anxiety, according to this, some people support anxiety "surround".

Psychoanalysis thinks that anxiety is the consequence of self-threat by progress of the inner conflict. Based on the “theory of learning” scholars believe that anxiety is a habitual behavior, due to conditioned connections between anxiety stimulus and neutral stimulus become generalization forming extensive anxiety. Lader put forward that  genetic quality is the important psychological and physiological basis, once produce strong anxiety reaction, through the strengthening of the environment or self strengthening, which will produce anxiety.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

how to get over anxiety

With the accelerated pace of modern life. Many people have the anxiety. Anxiety disturb our normal life. So, how to get over anxiety? Need to be analyzed from the three points.

  A proper understanding of the anxiety. Anxiety is a normal emotional reaction. Pay special attention here; This is a normal emotional reaction. "Anxiety" is not normal. Anyone have anxiety. "

  "Anxiety" sophistication. All anxiety, higher efficiency, to do things more seriously. Psychological research shows that "moderate anxiety can help improve the efficiency of our work.

  Anxiety of the extent of the problem. A people who had anxiety are not something to feel the burn of the point, do not worry. This is not normal; Similarly, a serious anxiety, a little tiny thing, cause he was very anxious, even anxious buns sweat, scared pale. This is not normal.

  So, the anxiety is not get over. But to live in peace and anxiety. Understand this anxiety when you are too anxious, instead of against it. Not let myself not anxiety. Because anxiety is an objective reality, is a human instinct.

  Many anxiety is not very serious, the problem lies; him trying to get their own without any anxiety! Feel a little anxiety, you think this is not normal, so you begin to resolve, while there is no solution when anxiety. In fact, completely wrong! No anxiety is impossible. Anxiety is normal. So, when a person truly accepted anxiety, anxiety problems to solve.