Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to get over anxiety in the work

Anxiety in the work, looking for a friend to talk to, to travel, if you still can not be adjusted, the need to correctly analyze and evaluate their own and need to re-learn is not in the occupational depletion period, or the lack of tolerance did not deal with the leadership, colleagues relationship, or is the pressure is too large, beyond their ability.

Is very necessary for people in career confusion, and strive to cultivate interest in the work, there is no interest in, and will have to consider another line of business. Not participate in the work of college students for a career planning is very important to assess their personality type, career orientation, interest, far short-term planning, clear from the what to do, to be happy working.

Real a personality test, an accurate grasp of their own personality, the "I", to find their strengths and potential, and thus strengthen the inner strength, accurate self-positioning.

Engaged conform to their own nature, suited to their character's career, and to refrain from engaging in frequent need to suppress their own force yourself to do things the heart instinctively resist the work.

Effective psychotherapy, for example: psychoanalytic therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, systematic desensitization therapy and relaxation training or learning useful skills (such as social technology, bluntly technology), thereby comprehend source of inner psychological conflicts, changes, cognitive, and reduce anxiety and tension level, and improve confidence in the face of a variety of contexts.

Self-regulation, for example: to divert attention, develop hobbies, listening to music, fantasy, massage, to ensure adequate sleep, etc. actively self-grooming and self-relax, maintain an optimistic attitude.

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